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Welcome to Straight Rent Boys! For the past 6 years, REAL straight boys have been initiated into my 'gay for pay' bootcamp.
Some have gone onto be gay porn stars. Others take their experience to work as rent boys. But one thing is for sure: we find them first!
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Nick Kush & Ryan King: "I never knew a guy could make me feel like this!"
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When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He's spending the day skateboarding and just hanging out. This 21 year old doesn't have a job, but picks up some cash doing odd jobs and playing pool. I see if he's down with making some money filming at our studio. He agrees and we head back to the office. At, you never know when you pick a guy up just what is going to happen.

While chatting Ryan up, I go over the idea of an oral scene with Nick Kush, 20, who is here watching cartoons, typical for him. Anyway, I think I freak Ryan out when I remind him this is a gay, guy on guy studio. But, he agrees to try, "I didn't know what to expect." So, I invite you to check out Ryan, new to "this business," and my filming skills with my "new equipment."

Nick comes in and as the two sit together, I lay out the oral plan; good to go, they both stip. Holy shit, Ryan has brought along his "A-game," as he whips out a soft cock that's got to be 4" already. He says it's about 7.5" hard; I cannot wait to see that happen. Eddie chimes in, "two big dick mother fuckers, Clash of the Titans." Standing side by side, they look pretty good together and I think this will take a while to film, but it will be worth it. 

Erik West Rents Travis Cooper

Erik West and Travis Cooper are back for some anal. As we discuss the specifics, Erik indicates he's good to go, Travis is, "a little nervous." However, Erik flashes the credit card and puts a smile on Travis face. Since Erik is renting Travis, it will be up to him to decide how far they go. At Straight Rent Boys, when you purchase a boy, he's all yours. As Erik strips Travis, I'm thinking these two hot guys are gonna have to figure out who's gonna pitch and who's gonna catch. Shit I love this game; cum and watch for yourself. Batter up! Erik has Travis naked and up quickly; their intermittent kissing is the only time I can get a good shot of Travis' cock, most of the time, it's being swallowed by Erik. As Erik works his way back up to Travis' lips, I pan out to catch both guys reacting to their lips smacking; they grin at one another. Erik then goes back down while Travis bites his lip and moans. Ready to fuck, the boys open up the futon and Travis' 7" thick cock enters Erik, with a little help. Travis begins to get into a rhythm but Erik's ass starts "quacking." Not sure if he should proceed, Travis looks at me, I break the tension in the room, or at least Eddie does, "let me stick a 7" dick up your ass and see if your ass doesn't quack." This lightens the mode as readies the boys for some fun. I love filming Erik because when he's being fucked, he narrates exactly what's happening to him. Erik tells Travis, "you’re right on my prostate, it feels so fucking good." Travis is really panting at this point as Erik strokes his cock. He keeps watching his cock go in and out of Erik's hole. Erik asks, "you like it?" "Yeah" whispers Travis. He continues pumping as they both moan in unison; Travis then leans in for a kiss. Erik signals he's ready for a different position; "whatever you want," he says. The two move to a side by side position as Travis works his cock all the way up into Erik, "oh yeah" moans Erik and that's followed by Travis' "oh man." Going faster, I think Travis is close to cumming; Erik moans, "oh that feels so fucking good." Travis and Erik watch one another and smile. As Travis works his hips hard, Erik enjoys every inch of his partner. "I'm about to cum," says Travis; he pulls out, jerks and shouts streams of jizz all over Erik's body. Erik cannot believe, hell I can't believe, what a huge load just came out of his "rented boy."

Nick Kush and Jacob Jake... A first for Nick!

I brought in Nick Kush and Jacob Jake in order to see what Nick is willing to do with a guy; so far he's just jerked off by himself. Now, these two alpha males, need to work together in order to get one another off. For Straight Rent Boys, we've got two straight hotties who are here for, "work." As they undress, we all take notice of Jacob's fine body; he works out every day and it does show. Nick appreciates Jacob's tattoos, although he does not have any of his own. Eddie chimes in that he, like Nick has no tattoos, but Eddie does have piercings; I can attest to that. Both of us do agree, we wouldn't kick either of them out of our bed; I'm sure none of our members would either. Nick and Jacob proceed to feel one another up, through their underwear. Nick seems a little tentative in touching Jacob, but comes up rather easily. Jacob then takes this up a bit, and begins to suck on Nick. His only comment to Jacob as he lays his head back, "oh you suck it so good." After a while, Nick touches Jacob and doesn't really seem to freak although he swears it, "may bite me." Nick does feel up on Jacob's "tight muscles" as well; these horny 19 year olds do love a tight body. Shit, don't we all. So as I film, I see Nick goes through stages of getting really hard and stiffening his body, then he gets softer and watches the camera. I think next time he might just feel like taking a taste. I whisper to Nick to, 'suck it,' but he declines, for now. He really starts to focus on stroking Jacob's dick in order to get him off; Nick spits on Jacob's head to keep things moist. As I film, I see Jacob coming closer; he doesn't really show it with his breathing, but as I watch his abs tighten, I know he's close. Nick strokes a bit more and Jacob unloads, wetting Nick's hand. I tell Nick to keep stroking, and he does, he stares at all the cum Jacob has oozed upon his hand. Grab a membership, then grab the lube and get a grip watching how this video cums to an end.

Mitch's Anal Initiation
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Mitch is a straight guy that has only once had a 'gay for pay' experience, blowing a guy for some weed and a few bucks. He called me up and said he needed some quick cash and explained he was interested in escorting and doing 'anything for money.' I remembered he never did finish my 'gay for pay' bootcamp, and still hadn't had anal sex before. I told him to get his ass to my studio. When he arrived, I talked him into trying anal for the first time, with Eli. But then I had another surprise up my sleeve; will this straight rent boy be able to take not 1, but 2 cocks up his sweet and juicy hole? You'll have to watch the video and find out...

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