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Mikey, Travis & Jacob's 3-Way... Travis Cooper's First Time Fucking A Guy
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The boys are back for a schooling in anal fucking; Mikey's here as "the hole," Jacob is back to see how many times he can cum and Travis is here for his first piece of ass, boy ass, that is. In this Straight Rent Boys video, "Mikey, Travis and Jacob's 3-Way" is a deep thrust into sex and lust. All three get hard and it is time to 'open up the futon and fuck.' Mikey starts with Travis, while Jacob jerks, looking on. As Mikey is the perfect teacher in "how to plunder a hole," he helps Travis insert and go. I tell Travis to 'think of it as a pussy', and Mikey, well, we all know Mikey loves to get fucked. Travis however is holding back; getting comfortable with 'man sex' takes a bit. He thrusts, but not too deep and not too fast. As Mikey moans, Jacob rubs on him. I have Mikey flip over, thinking Travis may feel a little more at ease, but Travis loses his erection; 'see, they think this is easy' I tell Mikey. Mikey laughs, "oh I'll show the straight boy how to do it," as he backs up onto Travis' cock. These straight boys are fun to film but, you really have to go at their pace so they can feel comfortable. Travis goes back in to Mikey, 'go to town' I tell him.’ Mikey agrees, he does love the way straight guys fuck him. "Ah, fuck" says Mikey as Travis seems to have the pace and speeds up; 'nice and tight' I tell Travis, "not anymore" comments Eddie. This is a hot shot of all three working together to make a good video. Mikey continues to moan, "actually feels pretty good" says Mikey. Travis pulls out and after showing us his nice dick, I have Jacob take over. Jacob has fucked guys before and we know he has no trouble getting hard so when he plunges in, it's "off to the races." Pumping Mikey, Jacob then turns him over and uses his ass like a bitch's. Lying atop of Mikey, Jacob just pumps; Mikey sucks on Travis and brings him up; what a multi tasker. Mikey is then on his knees, fucking doggie style. Within moments, Jacob lets out an "ah, shit," and unloads on Mikey's balls. Jacob's cum shots never disappoint and his ability to cum and stay hard over and over is a real plus. Also, the fact that his body is so hot makes my job easier and the member's pleasure greater. I have Jacob clean up and use a pair of underwear that will be sent to Mustang, who is a wonderful member of the site. Mustang loves watching Mikey so I'm sure he'll really appreciate these. The fun is far from over guys!

Eli's First Gay Fuck
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Straight Rent Boy Nick, the guy who gives blow jobs for $50.00 in the park, is back and ready to fuck some serious ass. I began the video by asking Eli if he would 'take one for the team' so these 2 hot straight boys could make some money. They wanted $750 each, but for the extra $50 I told them they had to kiss. I guess I still have it in me and can throw in some good action for $50. What followed was one of the hottest fucks I've filmed in a very long time. These guys had some amazing chemistry and Nick is a wild fuck machine. Nick literally destroyed Eli's hot ass, and you could really see the pain as Nick took his first cock (and you'll be quite happy when you see what a nice piece of meat Nick has dangling between those muscular legs of his). And did I mention Nick's cumshot?! My God. Watch the video to see these two hot straight boys (and yes, they are really straight) kiss, suck, and fuck HARD.

Jordan's First Gay Fuck
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I told Jordan and Nu that they were coming back to my studio for another oral video. I knew it was the only way I'd be able to convince these hot boys to fuck. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off, since I've tried to convince Jordan, who is straight, to do anal twice without success. Well, this time the promise of more work and $500.00 was enough to convince him. Unfortunately they refused to kiss; Jordan didn't like Nu's 'scruffiness' and Nu doesn't like 'smoker's breath.' But these two sexy rent boys exceeded my expectations in every other way. After the 'warm up,' Jordan was finally ready to take his first cock. When Nu first stuck his dick in Jordan's tight ass, you could see Jordan grimace in pain; but, he kept his hot ass up in the air and took it like a man. After getting that hot ass fucked doggy style, it looked like Jordan was enjoying it, which he admitted he did... 'a little bit.' Finally Nu got him on his back to do some more plunging, but Jordan almost screamed in pain. Nu kept drilling anyways, stroking Jordan's cock while he rammed his hot tight ass. After getting fucked for a good 10 minutes, Jordan was ready for revenge. He wasted no time sticking his cock in Nu's hole, and fucked that ass like a little jack-rabbit. It's obvious this hot little fuck machine knows how to please the ladies, and he really knew how to please Nu too. After taking all of Jordan's fast, hard thrusts Nu blew his sloppy load all over his body. Jordan gave him some final hard thrusts before jerking off and spreading his seed all over Nu.

Daddy Gets His First Straight Rent Boy
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After successfully getting through my gay for pay bootcamp with Tyler, it was time for John to move on to the 'big leagues.' Fortunately, I had the perfect client for him; a hot sugar daddy named Marco. Marco had never rented an escort before (gay or straight) but told me he always secretly desired a young, hung straight boy. I knew immediately that John was just the guy for him. And for $500.00, John was all his. Marco got him horny talking dirty with him about his fetish (big women), then started to suck on John's huge cock, and licked and sucked it like a lollipop. When John finally spilled his big load, Marco was licking up every drop he could lap up with his tongue. John was ready to collect his money, but Daddy wasn't done yet; he wanted John to get down to business and service his cock. It's a good thing that Tyler taught our straight boy well last week in bootcamp or he wouldn't have been able to take this daddy's long hard cock down his throat. Marco showed no pity fucking that mouth either, thrusting his cock in and out of his straight boy's sweet lips until he busted his own huge nut. It was a great day; Marco went home a happy customer, John got $500.00 and I got it all on video for free!

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